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VTel Files for Cable Television License
Thursday, 07 July 2011 10:22

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VTel Files for Cable Television License with Vermont Public Service Board

Vermont DPS Endorses VTel Petition for Certificate of Public Good

(Springfield, VT) – July 7, 2011 – Vermont Telephone Company, Inc. (VTel) today announced that on June 30 a petition for a Certificate of Public Good (CPG) was filed with the Vermont Public Service Board.  If approved, the CPG will allow the telephone company to offer cable television service within its existing telephone and broadband service area in fourteen local exchange areas in Southern Vermont.

“VTel is fully committed to bringing broadband to un-served and under-served Vermonters and to extending the suite of services we offer customers,” said Justin Robinson, president of VTel. “In addition to making broadband more accessible, this will also allow us to extend television service to many Vermonters who have no cable provider today.”

Public Service Board approval of VTel’s CPG to provide cable television service is a necessary step in fulfillment of VTel’s Rural Utility Service funded “Wireless Open World” (WOW) initiative, in which the company will build a state-of-the-art 4G/LTE high speed, wireless broadband network in Vermont and extend fiber to every home and business in VTel’s territory in southern Vermont.

“There's still a lot of work yet to be done, but this is a significant step in the right direction to provide more Vermonters with the communications services they need today,” Robinson said. “We are particularly grateful to the Department of Public Service for their hard work in support of this process and the WOW project.”

VTel’s CPG petition also included a Memorandum of Understanding from the Department of Public Service in support of the petition.

"They will offer an alternative for people in their service areas for people that already have cable service and it will offer a good many people the opportunity for cable for the first time," said Jim Porter, director of the telecommunications division for Vermont’s Department of Public Service.

Currently VTel has more than 50 engineers and contractors in the field visiting every single home and business in our territory to survey and stake each premise.  After this stage is complete, the network design will be implemented in a gradual progression throughout each of VTel’s 14 telephone exchanges in southern Vermont.

Construction on the fiber network is expected to start later this summer and should begin in the North Springfield exchange, with Wallingford following shortly thereafter.

A significant part of the fiber optic migration is expected to take place in 2011 and will continue into 2012.  The project will be completed by early 2015.  At the end of the project, all of VTel’s copper telephone network will be transitioned to the latest fiber optic technology.

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