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Cable TV Alternatives

As internet access speeds have increased so has the amount of streaming TV and video content available to residential internet users. We would like to share some ideas and resources you can use with your VTel internet service to access this content without having to pay a huge monthly cable bill.

The streaming content provided by the links below can be viewed from most PCs or laptops and most modern TVs have video inputs that can be used in conjunction with your computer's video output. In some cases this media can be streamed to your TV or game consoles without using a computer.

Streaming Media Sources (Free) - Can be streamed to game consoles via a commercial product like TVersity

Streaming Media Sources (Paid) -Can be streamed directly to game consoles such as Microsoft XBox360, Sony Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii or set-top devices such as Roku - Can be streamed directly to some modern internet-enabled TVs - Supported by Roku

Pay For Download Sources - Can be used with Mac, PCs or products such as Apple TV

Most modern internet-enabled game consoles also include pay services to download or rent movies and TV shows

Free Media Streaming Software


Set-Top Boxes

Set-Top boxes alllow you to view streaming media on your TV without using a computer

GoogleTV - Coming soon


Connect your laptop to a TV
Stream media on your computer to a game console (XBox 360 or Playstation 3) with TVersity